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Hi everyone today will be discussing about what is the best gaming laptop under 80000 dollars. If you are a gamer and you would like to have the best gaming experience then there are few things you should know before spending your hard earned money on a gaming laptop. You should know that you can get a laptop under this price range if you look in the right place. I’ll also discuss why so many gamer can’t afford the best gaming laptop.I mentioned before there are few things you should consider when looking for best gaming laptop under 80000 dollars. First thing you should consider is your video card, if you have a powerful enough graphics card then you can get the best gaming laptop under 80000 dollars easily. Now the most important part, your CPU should also be strong enough to handle high graphical detail if you want high graphical performance on your laptop. Usually a strong 4 core i7 processor with at least two gigs of ram is enough for HD gaming laptops and having it loaded with two gigs of ram will give you best gaming experience on laptop.

Best Gaming Laptop

Next thing you should consider is your RAM, if you have enough RAM you can get a laptop with four or more gigs of RAM, which will allow you to play games for long hours without loading screens. Now let’s go over laptop with standard configuration, on this configuration there will be only one gig of ram available which can be supported by running only one game at the same time. One thing you should know about standard configuration of laptop is that it has maximum of two cores, and this means that there will only be maximum of two programs or applications running at axis bank rtgs form any given time on your laptop. And also you’ll be fine with having only basic programs installed on your laptop, for example you’ll only have music player or word processor installed on your laptop. If you are interested in playing games then this configuration is the best option for you, because games will load smoothly with two programs running side by side.

Talking about the hardware, the sound card and video card are always considered to be the most important parts of laptop, there are many reasons behind it, one reason is that these components will help in providing you good quality audio and video. The video card will add the ability to use image effects such as 3D, so it’s definitely good to check out whether your laptop has got integrated video card or not. The sound card is also an important component, and you should check whether the sound card is working fine or not. There are some laptops which don’t support latest sound cards, and this is something you should keep in mind while purchasing laptop. On the other hand there are many laptops which support dual core graphics and this is something very nice when it comes to taking pleasure of gaming.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 80000 Yen

The next thing you should pay attention to is the backlit keyboard. In general laptops are designed with very large keyboard, and this doesn’t mean that it has very good quality. If you are not going to deal with typing a lot, you don’t have to worry about the backlit keyboard, but if you plan on doing some serious gaming with your laptop you must get a laptop with a low backlit keyboard. The reason why I recommend to you to get a low light capable laptop is that you will feel much more comfortable playing games, even at the darkest of times. The biggest disadvantage of laptops with backlit keyboards is that you will need a monitor to be able to see clearly, and this means that you need to spend extra money for a second monitor, which in my opinion is not necessary at all.

The next important element is battery, the battery should have at least 1.86 kg. The weight of the battery is important because it determines the speed at which you can charge it. The more weight, the faster you will charge. The final thing we are going to look at is the number pad. The number pad determines the control and the game compatibility, it’s size depends on the amount of buttons that you would like.

Last but not least the cooling system of the gaming laptop comes into play. The cooling system comes into play because you want to make sure that the processor and the video card cool down. The processor has a tendency to overheat, if the processor gets overheated it will lead to errors, and the video card is responsible for transferring the graphics data to the LCD screens, it also uses a lot of power so if the laptop comes with a weak fan, then the power will get cut, which will affect the performance of the whole system. Another important feature of the cooling system is how well the cooling system keeps the internal temperatures at a constant level. If the internal temperatures go beyond a certain limit, then it will cause problems for the fans and the other components of the machine.

Finally we are going to cover some of the battery backup options that are available in the gaming laptops on the market. At this point, the battery backup systems come into play because many people prefer to have a backup of their data even if they loose their connections to the internet. The backup tends to be very expensive if you try to do it yourself, so you should always consider buying a laptop with a built in battery backup system. Most of the laptops that come with built in backup systems have either lithium polymer or an lithium metal battery in them.

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