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Tanzania is an east-African country that is popular for its vast wildlife and forest regions. This country is world-famous due to the extensive and colossal safari trips across the country. Tourists from all over the world visit Tanzania to experience the magnificent wildlife and different habitats. Africa is known for being the land of prodigious animal species and 20% of it resides in the Tanzania region. 

In 2019, Tanzania ranked 54th globally in the Forest Integrity Index with a mean score of 7.13/10. Tanzania has 21 national parks, 3 marine parks, and 1 wildlife conservation filled with fiery species of animals residing all over the region. There are a variety of games and reserves that are worth visiting for an astounding experience. Tanzania has a diverse ecology that is home to various endemic animal species that have been red marked by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  

Having the largest lion population in the world, this place is a must-visit for people who love to travel, explore, and experience worldly wanders. For a tourist, visiting all the 21 national parks across the region is practically difficult. Therefore, if you’ve limited time and resources, you can visit some of the most incredible and fascinating parks to experience the essence of the region. There are 3 day budget safaris in Tanzania that cover the maximum and best places to visit. 

Here are the 3 national parks that are worth visiting during your stay in Tanzania.  

  • Tarangire National Park 

Situated in the Manyara region of Tanzania, this park is named after the river Tarangire. The long-migrated wildebeest and Zebras make this park famous and a must-visit for tourists. The Manyara River crosses the park and is the only source of freshwater for the wildlife.

The Tarangire national park is famous for a large number of Elephants and baobab trees in the area. During the months from June to November, you can expect thousands of zebra and wildebeest in the region. Other common animals found in this area are impala, eland, banded mongoose, Grant’s gazelle, etc. You also get to spot an expansive range of wild animals such as leopards, lions, caracals, African wild dogs, etc. 

This park is home to the oldest known elephant to have given birth to twins. You can expect to see around 550 bird species across the region. If you’re a bird’s admirer, this place is surely going to be one of the best visited places in your lifetime. 

  • Ngorongoro Crater 

Situated within the Crater highlands area of northern Tanzania, this area has 8 extinct shield volcanoes. Ngorongoro is a UNESCO world heritage site that is protected and maintained by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority. 

This area has over 25000 animals out of which mostly are ungulates such as Cape buffaloes, hippopotamus, grant’s zebra, blue wildebeest, etc. This crater is famous for its high lion population in the region. 

Also known as Africa’s Garden of Eden, it has an astounding landscape that is home to some major endangered animals across the world such as golden cats, wild hunting dogs, black rhino, etc. Including this crater in your 3 day budget safari in Tanzania can make you experience mini Africa in a single location. You can expect to see almost every African animal reside in this region. 

  • Arusha National Park 

Covering Mount Meru, Arusha National Park is situated in the northeastern area of Tanzania. This national park is limited to a small area but has a breathtaking landscape divided into three different areas. It has an ancient rainforest surrounded by acacia scrubs.

This park is home to the world’s largest Giraffe population and other distinctive animals. You can spot thousands of pink flamingos across Lake Momella. Other common animals seen in this region include black and white colobus monkey, bushbuck, warthog, zebra, etc. 

Although most of the exclusive African wildlife is missing in this region, the landscape and view are worth your time. Tourists often overlook visiting this park but those who like to admire and experience natural beauty must visit. 

Tanzania has an exceptional habitat of eccentric and endangered animals that attract tourists from all over the world. All the 21 national parks in this country have something exclusive and worth visiting. However, if you’re short on time and intend to make the most out of your visit, you can opt for a 3 day budget safari in Tanzania. Most safaris include these 3 national parks that cover most of the African wildlife and habitat. 

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