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Would you like to find yet another revenue stream as an entrepreneur? You can earn thousands of dollars more each year as an affiliate marketer if you step up your freelancing game.

One of the oldest methods of making money online is affiliate marketing. Even before the internet, people used to offer discounts or rewards to people who referred their friends, family, or other interested parties to your business (hello, referrals) The great thing is, you don’t need to worry about customer service or creating new products.

Today, affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry that marketers all over the world take advantage of. We will discuss affiliate marketing in this article, as well as how you can get in on the action, how to protect yourself in this tricky world, and which tools may be helpful to you.

Affiliate marketing: What you need to know

In affiliate marketing, you make money for companies by promoting their products and services.  It is beginning to disappear the days of cold advertising on television and in pop-ups as “helpful advertising” is replacing it with online affiliate marketing.

You create content as an affiliate marketer.  This may include blog posts or complete websites.  Your social media presence may be active as well.  Either way, your content is helpful to those who search online for information.  They may be looking for someone else’s opinion on a certain product.  Maybe they want to know what types of products they need to accomplish their goals.

The goal of affiliate marketing is to establish yourself as an expert on some sort of topic – beauty, fashion, electronics, automotive repair, etc.

You can make recommendations to your readers once you have demonstrated – via your website, blog, or social media feed – that you know what you are talking about.  Your recommendations lead to sales for other companies, and they then give you a cut of what they earn as a result of your assistance.

What are the biggest pros and cons of being an affiliate marketer?

When you get the hang of it, being an affiliate marketer isn’t actually much work.  The work is front-end heavy (you have to put in a lot of work before you see any income), but you will find that you don’t need to do much work at all one day and that you will literally make money while you sleep.

Here are some of the biggest pros and cons of affiliate work.

Pro – You can earn money while you sleep.

When you set up your website, write your content and schedule your social media posts, you will see your web traffic increase. You can make good passive income from affiliate marketing online.  When everything has been done correctly, money from purchases and click-throughs will appear in your account without your knowledge.

Cons – It takes a while to get going.

Getting your feet off the ground and flying through the online affiliate marketing world can be a little confusing at first.  In order to compete with other major websites, you must build a strong online presence over time.  You will win if you continue to create helpful content and don’t give up.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Even though getting started may take some time, you are still willing to stick with it because, well, you might end up making money while you sleep!  It’s nothing to work a little harder to make more money and work less, right?There are 3 key steps in the “getting started” process that you should know:

  • Affiliate programs and affiliate partners
  • Creating affiliate partnerships (yes, that’s a step in itself!)
  • Creating affiliate advertisements

As an affiliate partner, you’ve probably heard of people using e-commerce websites, large online stores, or affiliate marketing networks.  These people typically receive a very small cut of the profits, and they have to compete with all of the other thousands of people using websites like Amazon to sell bicycles and computers.

You can set yourself apart by partnering with mid-sized businesses, who sell products and services that are of high value to your readers, instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

Consider the typical person visiting your website, and then ask yourself, “What will this person need to make his or her life easier or more enjoyable?” 

Once you have determined what those products and services are, go out and find them. That is how to start your own digital affiliate program.

Establishing Affiliate Partnerships

It may be possible to find affiliate programs already in place or companies that are part of a larger affiliate marketing network.  It is then merely a matter of connecting to the program, following the rules, and billing your partner as necessary.

However, you may find exactly what you’re looking for only to discover that the business lacks an affiliate program.

To create a unique affiliate program for you, you will need to work with some companies.  To do so, follow these steps:

  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with this company
  • and discuss how a partnership could benefit both of you
  • Make sure your contract outlines the payment you will receive for advertising, click-throughs, and/or purchases
  • Establish a billing and payment schedule and method

How to Set Up Affiliate Advertising

You can set up affiliate advertising after your affiliate partnership has been established with one or more companies.  The placement of basic banner ads and sidebar ads can be helpful to generate some income, but you should focus your advertisements on usefulness.

You want to know something about your reader.  If the reader is starting a new career in graphics, she may want to know what laptop to buy.  In that case, she is probably looking for a review of the best-selling laptops in her industry and how each can or cannot benefit someone in it.

Perhaps your reader is looking for tips on living a healthy lifestyle.  As a result, he might want to know about basic lifestyle changes he can adopt to create a healthier lifestyle.  As you give him that advice, you might also suggest a product or two he may find useful.

The aim of this type of marketing is not to ram things down your readers’ throats and hope that they will become so annoyed by your advertisements that they will click on them.  Your goal is to convince the reader that you are a trustworthy source of information and then suggest ways that your affiliate partners can help them improve their lives.

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