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All we are familiar with are terms like migration certificate and transfer certificate. In College time, school time we heard this term. But many of us got confused between these two and many think these two terms are similar. So, today in this article we will discuss the difference between these two.

What is a Migration Certificate?

Migration meaning is simply moving from one suitable place to another place. 

At the college or school level, when a student wants to move from one university to another University for a course of study he wants to pursue. Migration certificate  is issued by the university after finishing the university exam. Eg:- If you have completed the second 2nd year in the between you want to continue your 3rd year in some other university. This certificate is required at the time of changing one board or university. Transfer certificate is issued when you pass out.

How to apply for a migration certificate?

When a student seeks admission from one school to another or one college to another, they have to follow some procedure. The admission process is not so easy. The admission criteria in any university or school is strict and everyone has to follow some rules or need to fulfill the document’s requirements. Cut off marks in class 10th, 12th, a transfer certificate, character certificate and migration certificate will be required during the time of admission.

After completion of your 10th or 12th exam and before you get ready for higher education, it’s important to get a migration certificate. You can easily apply it at any CBSE, ICSE affiliated school along with the other documents such as mark sheets etc. Once, the school gets all the required documents they send a migration certificate to the student by courier. 

How to download migration certificates online?

Downloading certificates from any website is a time taking process. For this, we must provide the important details and documents. 

Here are the steps to make your work easier:

Office of the council took a step to provide a migration certificate to every student.

Many students who are pursuing the ICSE board may need to migrate their certificates for higher studies. This can be only possible through the bulk ordering with the school administrator, so students don’t won’t any trouble.

To get a migration certificate online, you must Pay a small fee of rupees 150/-, submit the payment online with the board council. After they receive the payment, they will send out the certificate on time in PDF formats to registered mail ID.

School authorities take this from students and ensure the security of these certificates.

Now, understand what is the meaning of transfer certificate?

Transfer is a locomotion that happens internally or within an organization or institutes. Example: Transfer of an employee in a bank to another branch or transfer of a student to different school under the same board. To get more information about the migration certificate or anything else you can go through the blog Digi Patrika. 

So, this is all about transfer and migration certificates. Hope you have no confusion left in your head now. Now, if anyone is looking to get a migration certificate online can apply easily. 

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