How to complete the tp link wireless extender web based setup?

If your house is big and ever facing network connection issues. A traditional router is not so capable to provide you a wide range of coverage. In order to use a high speed or wide coverage, You can use a tp link wireless extender. The dual band frequencies of this extender allows you a wide range in tough areas.Where a router is not able to provide you stable connection. The tplink repeater works with N technology and it has attached omni antennas that enhance the network more widely and covers the dead zones areas. This extender comes along with MU-MIMO technology and 4 gigabit ethernet ports. By using these ports you can easily connect your repeater by using ethernet cable. 

The extender setup can be completed easily. It supports the WPS method. Just by using a single button you can configure your extender in 2 minutes. Just need to press the WPS button in your device for 5 seconds and release it, Your device will get connected automatically. If you wish to enjoy the wireless network over a large area, Then by using the tp link extender can easily extend the home network of your router. It will boost the network by transmitting the signal. 

Ways to access tp link wireless extender login page

In order to use a high speed internet connection you can use a traditional router. But it’s not so capable to provide a wide range of coverage, If your house is large and in your room dead zones are available. You just need to install an extender between your router and room. It will expand the network by catching the router signal. So by using a tp link wireless extender you can easily enjoy live streaming, Online gaming and full network coverage in any corner of your house. So to enjoy all the features, You must configure your tp link wireless extender properly so here are some steps. 

Login steps for tp link wireless extender

The tplink extender setup process is too easy. You must need to access the login page. In order to properly unpack your extender and install it near the router. Now take an ethernet cable and connect one end with the router ethernet port and another with the extender port. Now simply connect your device to any mobile/laptop/computer to the wireless extender network. You can use an ethernet cable to connect your device directly. Or in order to establish a wireless connection. 

Open the wireless settings and search for the nearby available wireless network and connect with it. The password is written on the manual PDF. After connecting successfully, open any web browser.

In the web browser at the top URL box type the default IP Address or and search for it, You will redirect to the administration login page of your repeater. Here you must submit your login credentials. Which is “ADMIN”. After login you can make changes and setup without any issues. Be sure that your extender is in the range of your wireless repeater. 

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