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Goa is considered a heavenly place in India, which is famous among all age groups of people because of its greenery and lively atmosphere. Romance and enjoyment are in the air of Goa. It is a hub of tourists, not only national but even international tourists visit  Goa. Every year lakhs of tourists enjoy the vista of  Goan beaches and other famous destinations like  Basilica de Bom Jesus, Dudhsagar Falls, Anjuna Market, Tanshikar’s Working Spice Farm, Portuguese-Indian Restaurants, etc. 

This place is highly favoured by newly wedded couples, who come here to capture their pre-wedding photoshoots and plan their destination weddings. Goa is a perfect option for couples to spend some quality time with each other. 

There are various activities available in Goa that you enjoy with your family and friends. Goa also attracts solo trip lovers. You don’t need anyone’s company to enjoy your tour in Goa. One can get accompanied by palm trees, wood shacks, and fresh air. 

Pronounce the word ‘Goa’ and pictures of smooth ocean breezes, dried leaves on the road, sweaty body and fiery fury of the sun will come to your mind. Exotic locations, wild parties, lip-smacking cuisine, multicultural environment, and the cold breeze of Goa are famous around the whole world. 

Let’s move further to take a tour of the most famous and exotic activities of Goa, that is the Grand Island trip

What is Grand Island?

Grand Island is popularly known as Bat Island or Grande island. This is a full-day entertainment boat trip in Goa. 

This place is famous in the entire Goa for its exotic water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. One cannot reach Grand Island through any other route except by Boat. If you are not too much into watersports then you can sit and watch the dolphins dance around and can also opt for fishing while relaxing with your favourite beer. 

You don’t have to worry about safety because safety gear such as jackets will be given to you for your safety.

This palace is an idyllic picnic spot in Goa where you can visit with your partner or family. Your family can enjoy tasty cuisine in the boat like barbecued fish. A lot of tour operators offer this trip at an affordable price. One will never regret visiting this place.

The Island Tour

You get hundreds of results when you type ‘Grand Island’. All these sites are full of information, rates, prices, and reviews but are they reliable enough to help you plan your trip. Plan your trip properly according to your budget and time schedule so that you can soothe your eyes with Goan beauty. The monkey beach trip includes many activities.  It is a full-day entertainment package to renaissance the lost interest and fun in life.

The trip commences from the boat jetty near Coco beach.  It’s not only a trip to the destination, but it’s a trip where you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean. One can see the beautiful creatures in the ocean and if you are lucky then maybe you can see dolphins enjoying their natural habitat.  You will see the merchant’s bungalow, Aguada fort, central jail, and beaches from the mid-sea. You just have to book your tour and the fun follows.

The Cost of this boat tour is almost Rs. 1499.

The famous Snorkelling of Monkey Beach!

The Grand Island tour is not only about reaching your destination. but it is about the enjoyment people can get from refreshing water activities too. The journey you begin will be welcomed by beautiful and cute dolphins. You will not get tired of seeing cute dolphins twirling and twisting in the blue Arabian Sea. The scene is really remarkable.

Snorkelling is a famous part of the Grand Island trip where one swims through the water while equipped with a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, swim fins, and diving mask. These pieces of equipment help humans to clearly see and breathe underwater which ultimately helps them to see the little water creatures underwater. Snorkelling provides you with the opportunity to enjoy underwater life without any complicated training and equipment. 

How to Book a Grand Island Trip?

The booking price of Grand island is around Rs.1499 per person. They offer discounts also if you are booking seats in a group of 10 or more. This is an awe-inspiring trip which one should not miss. You can book the trip from October to March. With the beautiful sea, chilled beer, snorkelling, delicious cuisine, and warm white sand, this package is one in all.

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