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A toy is an essential part of kids, and they need different types of toys as per their age or interest changes. On this subject, toy manufacturers introduce multiple toys every day to increase their sales. They generate multiple types of toys that are enlisting below for you. 

  • Educational toys 
  • Soft toys 
  • Action figures 
  • Dollhouse 
  • Metallic toys 

All these types of toys need to be packed in secure packaging boxes, and if you choose premade boxes, it decreases the value of your products and affects your brand’s reputation in the industry. Therefore, the best selection is custom toy boxes for your toys are just fabulous. These boxes are available in versatile sizes, shapes, and designs as per your requirement. 

To Make Your Toys Attractive 

The first reason is to make your toy’s packaging appealing to captivate your audience’s attention. If your toys present the loveliness design boxes, it captivates more people and trusts their decisions for buying them. So, as toy manufacturers, you must connect with qualified packaging designers to create an unforgettable design pattern for your toy boxes. 

If you make packaging for girls’ toys, you must add a unique touch that audiences like in your personalized toy box for girls. For instance, you can silver foil on the pink doll boxes to print brand names and logos that look cool in the competitions. And, if you can see boy’s toys, you add action graphics and bold colors according to your need. 

HD-quality Graphics to Engage Customers 

The use of graphic design with 3D printing technology increases your toys’ quality and transfers them to the next level. 3Dprinting gives a loveliness and real look to your action figure box to make them valuable. On this subject, you need to print the toy pictorials with 3D effects on your custom toy boxes to explain what pack is inside the box. Due to kids being crazy for toys and action figures, they can definitely buy your items to make their moments enjoyable. 

Ensure the Security of Toys 

As we know, toys are the most fragile items and need proper protection for kid uses. So, to allow the protection of your toys, you need to pack them in durable and strong kids’ toy boxes. On this subject, you need to use the enlisting cardstock to secure toys’ packaging. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid 

Cardboard cardstock is best to pack your lightweight toys, and it is famous for providing a shiny or smooth texture to your product’s packaging. Additionally, you need to use Kraft cardstock for your toy packaging, an entirely eco-friendly cardstock. Moreover, Kraft is best to protect your toys from damage due to having high capability of tear resistance. 

Apart from this, corrugated cardstock helps you build high-quality toy boxes to pack your items. Corrugated cardstock has different zigzag flutes sandwiched between the two cardboard-made linerboards. And the size of flutes decides how much your box is durable to pack your toys. So, the flute size chart is mentioned below for you. 

  • A flute ΒΌ” (Triple wall)
  • B flute 1/8″ (Double wall) 
  • C flute 11/64″ (Double wall) 
  • E flute 1/16″ (Single wall) 
  • F flute 1/32″ (Single face) 

Fulfill the weight Need Of Your Toys 

All toys do not have the same sizes and weights, so; the manufacturers choose the right and perfect cardstock to pack their cardstocks. On the subject, you can choose stock according to the weight of your products. For example, if you sell lightweight doll toys that are probably 6″ inch so, you choose blister card packaging with a cardboard back. And, if you can sell heavyweight toys like Godzilla King, you need to use double wall corrugated cardstock to make custom Toy Boxes with windows for your toys. The insertion of a window offers the visibility of your toys, and kids are happy to see what they will get after unboxing the toy’s packaging. 

Assembling Process Instruction Facilitate Customers

Some large-sized toys, particular educational toys, and many more large-sized toys need proper parts to make the beautiful play object. For this purpose, the printed information on your personalized toy boxes for boy and girls help them to successfully install them. Also, you can print small graphics to visually explain to join parts and processes you need to follow. 

Securely Ship Toys At Customers Doorstep 

The secure delivery of toys is mandatory to provide the best user experiences. On this subject, you need to use corrugated toy shipment boxes with printed information about brands required to build your reputation in the industry and customers’ minds. Moreover, you can use bubble wrapping, trays and partitions, and more padding material to products your actions figure from breaking and effect. 

Wrapping Up Things 

So, the abovementioned discussion explains why making sublime and accurate toy packaging boxes.  The use of customized and catchy toys boxes require to attract the users, fulfill the weight need of the toy, securely ship your item, and print all mandatory information on the toy packaging to help your customers. Apart from this, you can choose any attractive color combinations and design patterns to draw any design as per your imagination. So, make custom toy boxes to generate esthetic packaging for your target audiences. 

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