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In this article, I am gonna talk about minor account how you can open as a CSP for your customers,

Today there are so many sbi csp who is opening minor accounts and they are having so many troubles cause it is getting rejected in the process of DSH also they are not able to verify their account properly that’s they are having troubles with minor accounts,

So I am gonna explain to you how to open these types of the account without getting them rejected so stick with me in this article till the end,

What documents are required to open a Minor account?

So basically minor accounts are for those people whose age is between 10 years to18 years till 2019 for minor account PAN card was not necessary but if you talk about the current situation without a PAN card you cannot open an account for your customer whether it a minor account or normal account if your customer has not PAN card just tell them to apply for that first cause they will easily get their PAN card within 2 to 3 days also they will need their Aadhar card but let me tell you in case they don’t have Aadhar card & if you attach their parent’s Aadhar card then it will get rejected by DSH so make sure you don’t do these mistakes,

To open a minor account come to the SBI kiosk banking portal then click on the “Customer creation” option then select the gender, fill in the information like their name as per their government documents, DOB (Date of Birth), Mobile number & select “India” as a tax residency status, click proceed after that an OTP (One time password) will be sent to your customer’s mobile number so verify it and move ahead, after that, it will ask you to capture the fingerprint of your customer so capture it properly to complete the process,

Now you have to fill in the information of your customer like select title name, their address, District name, village/town, city name, state, PIN code, father name, mother name, place of birth, PAN card number but don’t click on verify, it will not verify yet after all the submission you can verify it, select the “aadhar card” option for identification type, select their religion, Form, Marital status, number of dependents, education qualification, caste 

Come to CKYC details now and fill the information like father’s title, mother’s title, PIN code, father’s & mother’s name and select “student” in CKYC occupation, select “Residental” in address type, select “aadhar card” in address proof, select state, district, select 5 years to 6 years in expiry, 

Then come to nominee details like Nominee name, nominee address, nominee DOB, select the age of nominee, select relation type, 

In ATM details leave it as “Yes” now, come to the census code details select state, district, sub-district, town/village as you know you have filled all the information so come back to “Customer details” section, verify the PAN card & click on “submit” button after that upload the passport size photo and after the submission, it will ask for the initial deposit that is totally your choice cause there is no boundary for the initial deposit so click on “continue” after all this process you will be able to see the sbi kiosk apply

banking customer reference card details you can print it out & give it to the customer,

To print out the form click on “customer creation” in the dropdown select “print/reprint account’, select “enrollment reference number” in the identity type then click “submit” you can also save all those account reference into PDF form so you can easily print that form out anytime,

This was all the process you have to face for opening a minor account, thank you so much for being with me till the end.

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