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Video is king in the realm of digital marketing. According to Animoto’s Social Video Trends: Consumer and Marketer Insights 2020, 91 percent of video marketers report a higher return on investment, with 93 percent claiming that video has directly led to a large increase in consumers. However, video is everywhere, and if you want to stand out in a sea of background sound in marketing, motion graphic videos are the way to go.

Marketing with Motion Graphics

This type of motion media has hitherto been reserved for the film industry. Graphics with vitality had been introduced into the opening titles and closing credits. They are currently heavily employed in video marketing content, even though is shown because they were invented decades ago.

Motion graphics are visual components that have been animated in some way. Motion graphics are used by marketers for a variety of purposes, such as tutorials since they help to convey a topic quickly.

They also have a pleasing look, making them appropriate for posting on social media. Now that you know what motion graphics are, keep reading to see why you should use them in your marketing and social media marketing strategy.

The Advantages of Motion Graphics

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s survey, over three-quarters of marketers regard video production to be the most important duty in their content strategy. Nonetheless, the vast majority of them do not produce anything unusual. Using motion graphics as part of this plan is a terrific method to get a leg up on the competition.

Find out why motion graphics are the way to go when it comes to content marketing and social media management in the video below. 

Boring material is made more entertaining using motion graphics

There is much too much stuff in today’s excessively digital society for most people to be bored. So, if your material is boring to your viewers, a more fascinating option is just a click away. As a result, you must ensure that people in your target market become excited when they see your material. Using motion graphics is an excellent approach to do this. 

Consider the following scenario. You’re in charge of marketing a piece of machinery or an appliance. This product’s unique selling factor necessitates a technical explanation. The obvious solution is to hire a professional to explain it to you. Not to cast all technical specialists with the same brush, but the video will almost certainly result in a few yawns. Motion graphics, on the other hand, make it more engaging and, more importantly, better communicate the notion.

Brand recognition is increased by using motion graphics

In a crowded market, having a strong brand identity helps your company gain a larger portion of the market. Potential consumers are more likely to progress to the final step of the sales funnel if they are familiar with your brand.

You may create an image with traditional video creation. However, the costs of creating live-action material that truly includes your brand’s voice and attitude may add up to the point where it’s no longer profitable. 

When it comes to motion graphics, though, you may expertly incorporate various brand-related suggestions. These identifiers will be quickly picked up by the audience in any subsequent creations that you approve. When someone sees your film for the first time, they will immediately recognize the brand and pay greater attention to it.

Your material will be more interesting if you use motion graphics

This video animation material is perfect for sharing on social media. Short and to-the-point, motion graphic videos are the way to go. When you combine that with the fact that they are visually appealing, you have a strategy for social media success. The capacity to share also connects to another important feature of video marketing: mobility. According to the IAB Video Advertising Spending Report, mobile advertising accounts for a third of digital marketing budgets.

This is unsurprising given that the majority of individuals use their mobile devices to communicate with their social media sites. Motion graphics that are optimized for mobile devices are a terrific approach to further your marketing strategy.

Take notice of the duration of this piece of video marketing material. In only a minute and a few seconds, it condenses all of the essential information. This makes it simple to comprehend and share with family, friends, and coworkers who might be interested in the product or service shown in the video.

Motion graphics are both powerful and economical

Motion graphics, as previously said, package complicated information and present it in a way that regular members of your target market may comprehend. This eliminates the cost of hiring someone to explain something that can be readily illustrated with a few pictures.

The cost of making a live-action video is fairly high. It necessitates the hiring of a site or studio, as well as a complete team. In addition, the procedure necessitates the hire of talent as well as the purchase of equipment such as cameras.

Motion graphics, on the other hand, significantly reduce expenses. All of the work may be completed on a computer using motion graphics software such as After Effects. It also takes less time to finish. Another advantage of motion graphics is that they may be created without the use of sound. Many individuals use their mobile devices to watch videos silently. This might be due to the fact that they are at work or in a public setting.

Although subtitles may be used in live-action videos, they might be a burden on the eyes. They also need attentiveness to follow can the video’s content. However, using motion graphics, the text is moved to convey the information while also keeping the audience interested. The video animation in this sample features sound, but it is perfectly understandable without it.

Make Your Business More Profitable With Motion Graphics

People will be able to comprehend your company, what you do, and why they should buy from you more easily if you provide visual material. Motion graphics would be an excellent tool to employ if you’re a non-profit in need of attractive images to engage your audience. Using an appealing and engaging medium, illustrate difficult numbers and explain complex topics.

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