How Do I Find the Value of a Steiff Gnome called Pucki?


Pucki you’ve inherited a Steiff Gnome, you may be wondering how to determine the value of the item. The elf stands around 5 inches tall and is adorned with clothes and a mohair beard. The hat features a metal button and a small rivet with “Steiff” embossed. The jacket has a contrasting dark blue fabric and has yellow markings. Unfortunately, it is sold as-is with no returns or exchanges.

Vintage Piece or Brand-New Steiff Toy

There are many factors to consider when determining the value of your Steiff toy. The condition is critical whether you are selling a vintage piece or a brand-new Steiff toy. The state of your gnome will impact the price. If it has no wear or tear, you may be better off leaving it in its original box. Besides that, you’ll want to look for any flaws on it that can reduce the value.

Pucki condition of your Steiff toy is critical. The state of your gnome is vital. If you find it in pristine condition, you should see the right price for it. The most miniature Steiff toy has no markings on its face, while the more giant gnome has some traces of wear on his chest. However, there is no need to worry about the eyes, as most toys are made by hand.

High-Quality Materials

The value of your gnome depends on the condition of its parts. The ear tag is an excellent way to determine its value. Some are made of high-quality materials, while others are cheaper materials. For example, a white gnome may be Limited Edition, while a yellow gnome might be Unlimited Production. If your gnome has a velvet nut, the condition is even better.

Vast Chest Tag

To determine the value of your gnome, consider its condition. The small tiger is unmarked, while the giant tiger has a chest tag and no markings. Neither has a heart, but it is a classic design and makes the perfect gift. This gnome has a vast chest tag. The more enormous tiger is marked “Pucki” on the chest.

The ear tag will also indicate its age. Early Steiff’s have an EAN (Euronic Number) label, which identifies the size of the gnome. The EAN Number will be written on the ear tag, and you should consult an expert in this area to determine the value of your gnome. It will be worth several hundred dollars if it is rare or valuable.

Name & Logo

Pucki ear tag is the most common way to identify a Steiff gnome. A button in the ear is a trademark of the company. Its name and logo are inscribed on the ear tag. The ear tag will be on the ear of the gnome. The ear tag is also attached to the tiger. A tiger has a heart-shaped chest tag. The tiger is embroidered on its chest.

The tiger is the largest in the photo. It is made of alpaca, mohair, and also woven plush. The tiger has wood eyes, a stitched nose, and also felt pads. Its eyes are the same colour as the tiger. The tiger has an eye tag on its chest and a button in his ear.

Final Steps:

Besides the tiger, there are other types of gnome. For example, a tiger has no tiger button and has glass eyes. Its mouth and also ears are made of plastic. A vintage tiger is made of cloth. A woollen version of a tiger has cotton and also wool fleece. Its ear buttons are made of rubber read more.

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