A Buying Guide for Lingerie

Many spend hours looking for the perfect fitting clothes. Women feel almost twice as confident and sexy with well-fitting lingerie.

However, in pursuit of the sexiest lingerie, many overlook fit and comfort. Whether it’s a g string or a brassiere, clothes can be incredibly uncomfortable if they don’t fit well. 

Additionally, many others worry about shopping online because it lacks the feel of the fabric. However, online shopping offers convenience and variety, making lingerie sizing and fit easier to access. 

Read on to understand how to find the lingerie that makes you feel your best. 

Lingerie Type

Deciding what you want to buy is the first step to any online shopping sprees. Brassieres have different sizing manuals, while g strings require varying measurements. 


Different sites have varying sizing charts. While there is a distinction between American and European sizing charts, other sites follow custom size charts. A safe way to ensure you buy the right size is by picking up a measuring tape. Measure in cms or inches and convert to your size by following a chart. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind while taking your measurements.


The bust is the fullest part of the breasts. Pull the tape across both breasts to measure. Stay cautious about pulling too hard or letting the measuring tape slide down the back. 


The waist is the smallest part of your abdomen. Ensure that the tape is pulled snugly but not too tight (cinching is a sign of it being too snug).


Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your abdomen.


Place one end of the tape at your shoulder and bring it back up to your shoulder by looping it through the legs at the pelvic region.

G Strings All the Way

Many women go years without ever buying a g string. While they may seem uncomfortable, they are comfier than traditional bikini-style underwear. G strings intimidate many women, but here’s a list of reasons to get yourself a pair immediately. 


G strings look sexy and make one feel very attractive and luxurious. If confidence is something you struggle with, the right pair of thongs might just help. 


The single string makes g strings extremely comfortable and breathable. Many women agree that it almost feels like nothing, making it super comfy. 

No Panty Lines

With bodycon dresses being all the rage, many women struggle with concealing panty lines. While wearing g strings, there are no visible panty lines, helping one look sexier. 

Sculpting and Tone

G strings make one feel like a sexier version of themselves. They change one’s posing and movement. In doing so, they help in the sculpting and toning of your butt cheeks.

Buying for Body Shapes

It is crucial to choose a style that best accentuates your body shape. 

Lingerie tends to be very form-fitting, and in this case, no one size fits all. 

One must shop for lingerie according to their body shape. For smaller builds, a bralette or an underwire demi-cup would be flattering. Padded bras can add a little fullness as well. 

Bustiers and chemises help in drawing attention to a fuller bust. They also support heavy breasts and draw attention away from areas that make many feel insecure. 

Athletic women usually opt for sports bras, but occasionally, a pretty lace bralette can make one feel flirty and feminine. Bralettes suit every shape and size, and by hugging the body, most lingerie can be flattering.

There is no rigid shape guide since most of it depends on how one likes to feel and look. For the perfect understanding of what would look better, one should experiment. 

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