Read the Tips and Tricks Before Buying Bridesmaid Dresses

After planning for your big wedding day and choosing what gown to wear, what food to serve, what type of flowers to have, and many other things, there comes one more challenging decision that you have to make — what to choose for the bridesmaid dresses

While it is common for a bridesmaid to pay for her gown, the bride usually is the one who has the most significant say on what the design, colour, and overall look should be. It is essential to have a mutual understanding of what dress to purchase for both sides, a crucial yet difficult decision to make. Fortunately, here are some hacks and hints for you to read before buying one.

Look for inspiration.

Having a clear picture of what designs and colours to incorporate into the dresses is a step closer to finding the perfect one. However, suppose you are still clueless about what to pick. In that case, it can be beneficial to look for inspiration on different sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, or even past weddings that you have attended. 

Doing so will give you a visual representation of possible colour combinations or design variations that you might want to have yourself. Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that your wedding is your own unique story and experience, so you will surely think of your ideal dress design. 

Consider the cost

Because the bridesmaids usually pay for their dresses, you need to consider their budgets because you would never want them to spend more than what they have in mind. If possible, it would be better if you asked them their budget range so that you can adjust accordingly. After all, a less expensive dress does not necessarily mean bad quality, so you can find an exquisite-looking one despite having a limited budget.

Go for a universally-flattering one.

Your bridesmaids will most likely have different body builds, heights, weights, and skin colours, and because of this, it would be better to find a universally-flattering dress that you know would suit everyone.

However, since this can be challenging, you can always consider not wearing a uniform dress style, cut, and shape. You can adjust these elements depending on who will wear the dress so that each one of your bridesmaids wears something that fits and matches them flawlessly. 

Go beyond the traditional ones.

Standard dresses worn by the bridesmaid are long, flowy, and have a contrasting colour from the bride’s gown. However, as weddings and traditions evolve, there are no strict rules for what the bridesmaids should wear. 

As the bride, you can choose a shorter dress to fit your theme better or make those who will wear it feel more comfortable. Also, gone is when all of them have to wear the same colour and design. Nowadays, one of the most practised wedding trends is having mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids, as long as all of them fit a specific palette or colour range. 

Think about what they will feel or ask for opinions

While the final decision of their dresses is in your hands, you should keep in mind that it is not you who will wear them but your bridesmaid. Because of this, make sure to consider what you think they will feel about wearing a specific colour or particular design. 

Their comforts should also be one of your top priorities. If possible, it would be better to send them options and ask for their opinions to have a more guided decision-making process.

Choosing bridesmaid dresses should be one problem ticked off your list with these tips!

The bride is still the star of your wedding night. However, this should not prohibit you from letting your bridesmaid shine on their own without overpowering you. After all, they probably are your closest friends or family.

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