Giving Flowers at Workplace

Most of us spend 80 percent of our waking hours at work, so it stands to reason that developing personal, professional, and platonic relationships should be rewarded. While the company HR sends a fresh flower bouquet with chocolates and cake to its employees on their birthdays, anniversaries, and certain achievements, there is a fine line to send flowers as a business gift to partners, co-workers, and your boss who work there. This line must be respected and maintained. 

Flower Delivery to Team Members:

Companies nowadays have a policy of sending flowers as a standard gift for business achievements as well as birthdays and anniversaries. While this is a generous gesture on the part of the company, it has been observed that the quality and quantity of flowers vary from employee to employee, casting a negative light on the company. Don’t think of it as a variable bonus based on performance. Consider sending flowers as a special token of appreciation to honor an employee’s time and association with the company. You can also combine the fresh flowers bouquet with a fresh fruit basket or a dry fruit gift box.  

Flower Delivery to a Client or Business Partner:

 It is a delicate relationship in which you should proceed slowly and carefully. Whether you want to send flowers to Mumbai to clients to congratulate them on a personal achievement, accept your business proposal, or expand your business, avoid anything that could be interpreted as a personal touch. A bouquet of daisies or orchids paired with a dry fruit gift pack or a traditional sweets box is an excellent gift idea.

 Maternity Presents for a Coworker:

 If you have a coworker who is pregnant or has recently given birth, it is time to send flowers to the new mother. Any mildly fragrant flower combined with cake and chocolate makes an excellent gift. However, you should double-check the preferences. If the new mom is trying to lose weight, choose sugar-free cake and dark chocolates. As baby shower gifts, consider baby books, bibs, a picture frame, baby clothing or accessories, and soft toys. While you can always choose to send flowers and balloons to the hospital, they are very uncomfortable for the lady and her family when they bring everything home. As an outcome, it is always advised to wait a day or two before sending flowers to the new mother at home.

Communicating Sympathy at Work:

 It is always preferable to attend funeral services if you have a personal connection with the worker or his family. If you are unable to do so for any reason, send sympathy flowers to the venue or to your home after the services have concluded. However, you should check with the family before sending the flowers because some families prefer that people donate to charity services instead of flowers. You can also help to prepare a meal for the guests or handle a service while you’re at it. You can also pool your resources with your coworkers to pay for meals or services.

Flowers for a Quick Recovery:

A colorful fresh flower bouquet and a handwritten ‘get well soon’ card can help to alleviate sickness and illness. If you have no personal relationship with the recipient of the card and they are of the opposite sex, it is always best to tread lightly and share some money with other workers. If you have a platonic relationship with your coworker, avoid sending flowers that convey romantic or loving feelings. People usually send flowers online, and the portals clearly categorize the flowers online. So you’re good on that front!

Flowers for a Birthday:

The same holds true for birthday floral arrangements! Don’t go overboard with the flowers and instead choose tulips, orchids, and subtle colors in mild-fragrant flowers. Large floral arrangements and flower bouquets will not fit in an office cubicle and will cause the recipient discomfort.

How to Send Flowers to a Guy:

There’s nothing wrong with sending flowers to a guy, but keep the size and fragrance to a minimum. Don’t give flowers with romantic overtones. It is preferable to complement your bouquet with gift baskets, traditional sweet boxes, and dry fruit gift packs.

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