The Evolution of Pepe Hands in Stream Elements

Pepe Hands

The Pepe Hands emote was introduced in 2017 by FrankerFaceZ. Many fans took to using the emote to show their disapproval of Forsen’s style change. Fans were so excited about the emote that it was repeatedly spammed on Forsen’s YouTube channel. It currently ranks 33rd on the Stream Elements list. Whether you’re looking for new emotes to use in your emote arsenal, or just want to practice your Pepe Hands emotes, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Pepe the Frog

Pepe the frog has become a cultural icon. The cartoon’s famous “feels good man” panel has become a viral meme. Originally a symbol of happiness, the panel was free for anyone to use and spread. However, over time, his meaning has shifted, and he now stands for everything from Hitler’s mustaches to Trumpian combovers. Pepe the frog hands and his controversial rantings have been adopted by a wide variety of groups and individuals.

A few weeks ago, the Barn Bridge founder Tyler Ward changed his profile picture. The frog’s popularity led to a craze among DeFis and celebrities. Pepe was estimated to have fetched $60 million in sales, but the craze crashed spectacularly. So what happened? How did Pepe the frog become such a cultural icon? Read on to learn more about how Pepe the frog became the face of intolerance and the enduring legacy of its image.

New Wave of Memes

The popularity of Pepe Hands the frog’s hands spawned a whole new wave of memes. In 2008, users began creating riffs on Pepe’s signature smile. These memes spread across the web as a funny reaction. Later, more than 10,000 retweets and 17,000 likes followed. But if Pepe’s hands can be used as a symbol of hate speech, then it is a cultural icon for all ages.

In a January 2016 article, Vice News quoted a man with a tattoo of Pepe the frog’s hands. The man, Adam Humphreys, is a New York City-based writer-director who said he became “obsessed” with images of Pepe on the Ello online gallery. Although the cartoon has risen to prominence among anti-Semitic and racist groups, the Anti-Defamation League deemed the frog a hate symbol.

Pepe the frog’s Pepe Hands were a symbol of hate in the past, and today, the anti-Defamation League (ADL) has categorized it as a “hate symbol”. The frog’s hand is often depicted in KKK robes and Nazi uniforms on websites. However, the ADL website also has an extensive list of Pepe memes. The ADL has a dedicated website with information on this symbol.

Pepe the Frog Emote

If you’re a gamer on Twitch, you’ve probably seen the Pepe the frog emoting. While the character itself is pretty simplistic, the meme has evolved into an ever-changing, sophisticated style. Pepe the frog emotes have evolved into FeelsBadMan and FeelsGoodMan, which have come to represent different types of emotions. While the frog isn’t directly linked to politics, many gamers have adapted the emote into their own style.

Anti-Semitic Themes

While Pepe the frog isn’t bigoted, many players still associate him with white supremacy. As a result, Pepe has been widely used in troll and racist memes on a variety of online venues. One such venue is the 4chan message board, which is home to many users who delight in creating racist images. Pepe memes have often focused on anti-Semitic themes, as well.

Non-Political Character

Pepe the frog emoting originated with Twitch streamer Forsen. Pepe the frog was initially a non-political character and was associated with white nationalism in 2016. In 2016, Pepe was added to the Anti-Defamation League’s database of hate symbols. Nevertheless, Pepe’s popularity soared in Hong Kong as protesters began using the frog as an icon of hope. Among the many examples of symbol evolution, the Pepe the frog has been one of the most widely used emotes.

Pepe the frog has had a troubled history, and despite its popularity on social media, it has also gained a cult following among alt-right supporters. The anti-Defamation League’s website lists Pepe the frog as a symbol of hate and identifies it as a racist symbol. Pepe the frog was banned from the Overwatch League in September 2016, and it has since become a symbol of hate and discrimination.


While Pepe the frog has a cult following and has been used as a symbol of resistance for years, his creation has gained an unprecedented cultural significance. Although not a political figure, Pepe the frog has evolved from a cartoon character to a symbol of hate and hateful meme culture. Pepe imagery has even filtered into Twitch culture, leading to a ban on Pepe emotes by many popular game streamers.

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