The Alternative URLs to New KickAss Torrents [KAT] Sites in August 2022


If you are searching for Alternative URLs to KickAss Torrents (KAT) then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with the alternative URLs to KAT sites and also give you some useful tips to use them safely. After all, nobody wants to be a victim of piracy! So, in order to keep yourself safe while using torrents, you should use a VPN software or ad-blocker.

Alternatives to KickAss Torrents

In August 2022, many people will still be looking for KickAss Torrents alternatives. Several other sites will also soon become available, but the following are my top picks for these sites. TGx, a new Kickass alternative, has a vibrant community of uploaders and some of their releases are available for streaming. While TGx is not perfect, its user interface is simple and easy to navigate, and the content selection is vast and varied. Moreover, there are no registration or login fees, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time on useless information.


Torlock – Another safe Kickass alternative, Torlock only contains verified torrents, so there’s zero risk of malware and other malware. It has a library of over 8.4 million torrents and adds 2,000 new ones each day. However, Torlock is ad-heavy, so consider installing ad-blocking software before downloading torrents. MagnetDL – If you want to download torrents using magnet links, try this alternative. MagnetDL has a separate interface that will start downloading torrents automatically.

LimeTorrents – Another popular torrent site, LimeTorrents has a green interface, and is one of the most well-known and popular in the torrent community. Its massive library of torrents is updated hourly and offers designated categories. There’s a Top Torrents list, and users can download HD content without consuming bandwidth. Another popular alternative to KickAss Torrents is YourBittorent.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive – If you’re a fan of classic movies and TV shows, the Internet Archive is a fantastic alternative to KAT. This archive has over six thousand titles of movies, eBooks, software, and more, and provides a direct download link. Another good alternative to KickAss Torrents is ExtraTorrent, which has an extensive directory with plenty of different types of torrent files.

The Pirate Bay – While The Pirate Bay is a bit old, it’s still a great alternative to KickAss Torrents. Despite its age, it has declined in popularity in recent years, but still attracts about five million monthly visitors. While its interface looks similar to Kickass Torrents, it has a faster download speed and tons of Asian content.

Alternative URLs to KickAss Torrents

If you’re wondering where to find KickAss Torrents in August of 2022, there are plenty of options available. One of the oldest and most popular torrenting websites closed its doors in August 2016. In August 2016, the US Department of Justice seized the domain and arrested Kickass founder Artem Vaulin. The site was shut down shortly afterward, and those who were trying to access it were greeted with an ominous message. A copycat site emerged shortly after, which looks and feels exactly like the original KickAss Torrents website.

Some people may prefer the simplicity of 1337x, which offers fast P2P speeds. Its user interface is relatively similar to KickAss, but you can also download torrent files directly from it. You can browse new episodes, top charts, and even Oscar-nominated titles from this site. Some users are wary of 1337x, which recently revamped its website. Be aware, though, that Google has blocked the domain, so 1337x is not a perfect option for all users.

Active Community

Another Kickass alternative is TGx. With an active community of uploaders, TGx also features exclusive movies and TV shows. Despite its new interface, TGx’s ads may feel overwhelming for new users. However, you can opt for uBlock Origin to block all ads. This website is a popular alternative to KickAss Torrents.

Aside from LimeTorrents, the other Kickass alternative is Zooqle. With a clean interface and huge selection of torrents, Zooqle is a great option. The site’s torrent catalog is updated regularly, and it also offers dedicated categories for movies, music, and software. Using a VPN is also a great option to ensure your privacy.

Final Steps:

Another alternative URL to KickAss Torrents is YourBittorent. This site was among the earliest torrenting websites and continues to offer excellent P2P files in every category. Users can find their content with the site’s minimal interface and free, no-registration policy. However, some regions may restrict access, but a robust VPN can unlock the site.

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