Grocery Store Indoor Mapping Navigation & Positioning Software

Grocery Store

Using grocery store indoor mapping and positioning software can be a great way to improve customer engagement and increase loyalty. It also makes product searching inside the store much easier, and mobile grocery store navigation apps let customers plan routes based on their purchase history, search information and even department. These features can improve customer engagement and loyalty, which leads to increased revenues. Premium search functions can also help grocery stores generate marketing revenue.

Positioning Software

The GoodMaps indoor mapping navigation and positioning software is a mobile app that can help grocery shoppers find what they’re looking for. It works on both Android and iOS. It uses LiDAR indoor digital mapping to provide a one-meter location accuracy. It also helps shoppers find aisle numbers and products.

GoodMaps is supported by partners like the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. It has also built a UK arm and brought on a VP for Europe. GoodMaps also has partners in banking, retail, and transportation industries.

Update Inventory Levels

Mappedin Grocery Store Navigation and Positioning Software allows customers and associates to find what they need quickly and easily. It also makes it easy for associates to navigate stores and improves their efficiency. With this technology, customers can easily locate items on their shopping lists, and store associates can easily update inventory levels.

Designed for both mobile and desktop users, Mappedin’s web wayfinding software provides accurate turn-by-turn directions. The software also features real-time map editing to allow mall managers to make real-time changes to maps. Users can also customize their maps to include additional details. Using Mappedin’s software is similar to using a native wayfinding app, so users can easily enter their starting location and destination and get directions right to their doorstep.

Navigate & Position

Oriient is an innovative new way to navigate and position yourself in stores. With its intuitive mapping technology, you can navigate shopping malls, airports, and even underground facilities. The software can also be used for a variety of business uses, including proximity marketing and foot traffic analytics. It enables you to streamline operations by improving route optimization and task execution. Most importantly, Oriient is free for both consumers and businesses to use.

The software works by using the magnetic field of the earth and sensors in smartphones to map spaces. As a result, Oriient can pinpoint mobile devices and smart carts with up to 3ft accuracy, and requires no extra hardware in the store. It benefits retailers, shoppers, and e-commerce pickers because it provides valuable data about the customer’s journey within the store. It can also help optimize the layout of stores and create contextual promotions.

Interact Retail

The Interact Retail grocery store navigation and POSITIONing solution helps you make your shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable. It uses technology such as LED luminaires to create hyper-accurate indoor positioning. It also helps you optimize aisle layout and product placement to meet customer demands. The system also collects data on shopper and staff traffic flow and behavior.

For example, a grocery store can have thousands of aisles, which makes it difficult for customers to navigate through. An app called AisleFinder can help. This app is available for iOS and Android and gives shoppers aisle numbers so they can easily find the products they want. The software also allows shoppers to track their carts and assets, which helps prevent theft and damage.

Oriient’s Software-Only Indoor GPS

Using indoor GPS navigation and positioning software for grocery stores is a great way to ensure that shoppers get to the right aisle at the right time. While standard GPS does not work inside buildings, Oriient’s system offers an array of benefits, including:

Oriient uses geomagnetic positioning technology to pinpoint shoppers’ locations by detecting anomalies in the magnetic field of the earth. This technology can also be used by regular smartphones, whose sensors can help identify their location. The software offers the ability to customize the app and make it available through APIs.

Oriient’s COVID-19 Technology

Oriient’s COVID-19 tech makes it easier to find items in a grocery store. The company’s solutions are integrated into grocery carts and provide the ability to create an easy route for shoppers to follow and easily find what they want. They also prevent theft and damage to store equipment. In addition, these solutions improve customer experience by helping shoppers find items within a few taps.

Final Words:

The company’s software doesn’t require any additional hardware or installation. Users only need a smartphone to use it. The company distributes the software via a software-as-a-service model. The company’s platform offers comprehensive analytics, which allow it to learn user habits and routes. It can also help optimize store layouts and create contextual promotions based on customer data. Additionally, the software helps users recognize items on shelves using a database of scans here.

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