Tue. Sep 20th, 2022
PUBG Players

Pakistani PUBG players are among the best players in the world. Here are the Top 10 PUBG players from the country that you should be following on social media. Star Anonymous, Cute Panda, Mr. Jay Plays, 47 Khalifa, and Sam Hasan are some of the most popular Pakistani PUBG players.

Star Anonymous

In the world of PUBG, Pakistani players are known by many names. Legend Sam is one such player. His real name is Sam Malik, but he goes by the nickname “Star Anonymous.” He has over four hundred thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has also been playing the game since its launch in Pakistan.

Zubair Khan is another popular player from Pakistan. He was the first person to upload a PUBG video on TikTok. He plays the game on his iPhone 12 Pro Max. PUBG is one of his favorite games, and he has over four hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube. Zubair Khan is also the leader of the FYME clan, and is one of the top PUBG players in Pakistan.

Cute Panda

Pakistan’s PUBG players are known as some of the world’s best. They are well-known for their fast reflexes, sharp aim, and passion for the game. One of the most famous PUBG players from Pakistan is Cute Panda. The eleven-year-old is a YouTuber who plays the game on an iPad emulator. He has almost 300K subscribers.

Another player who is ranked among the top 10 PUBG players in the country is Cute Panda. He is ten to twelve years old and leads the Roar Esports clan. Another famous player is SP Joker, a YouTuber who goes by the name of Malik Ahmad Hassan and lives in Sargodha. He has over 252,000 subscribers on YouTube and makes gameplay videos. He also has several crate opening videos. SP Joker is also the leader of the Super Power Clan and SP Esports. His videos have earned him a place among the top PUBG players in Pakistan.

Mr. Jay Plays

YouTuber Mr. Jay Plays is a well-known face in the Pakistani gaming community, and his name is a recognizable one. He began his youtube channel in 2012, and has since accumulated over 500k subscribers. His videos on PUBG and other PC games have made him a household name. He even has his own clan, the RAPTORS, which consists of over 150 members.

Aside from being a highly popular YouTube player, Mr. Jay Plays is also an avid gamer. His channel has more than 140,000 subscribers and 1.1 million views, making him a popular figure among PUBG fans in Pakistan. In addition to playing the game on PC, he also creates and hosts online tournaments, where he can compete with other players.

47 Khalifa

If you’re a PUBG Mobile fan, you’ve probably heard of 47 Khalifa, one of the most popular players in Pakistan. He has a YouTube channel with more than 200 thousand subscribers and plays the game solo as well as in a squad. He’s also an introvert, and doesn’t do a lot of socializing. But he’s still one of the Top 10 PUBG players in Pakistan, and his skills are renowned.

Who Becoming Quite Famous Online?

Another Pakistani PUBG player who’s becoming quite famous online is Ahmad Op. His real name is Ahmad Rana, and he’s from Lahore. He started playing the game in 2018, and has since gained more than 400k subscribers. His YouTube channel is popular with Pakistani gamers, and he’s also part of the Legend Clan.

Dr. Pikachu

The PUBG game is a huge phenomenon in Pakistan and the world. Its popularity has led to an increase in eSports and the creation of new content. One of the top players in Pakistan is Syeda Maryam, who goes by the alias Doctor Pikachu. She has a YouTube channel that has over 300k subscribers. Another player who is considered to be one of the top 10 PUBG players is Solo King, a lahore-based PUBG player with the highest inventory in the country. Solo King is also the only Pakistani player who has a Star Challenge Frame.

Final Words:

Cute Panda is a ten to twelve-year-old PUBG player in Pakistan. She is also part of the Roar Esports clan. Her real name is Malik Ahmad and she lives in Sargodha. She uploads a lot of gameplay videos on her YouTube channel. She uses an iPhone 11 Pro Max for her video games.

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