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Camping in kullu is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. For this nothing better than staying in the hill valleys of Kullu. Attracting a lot of tourist attention, the camping sites in Kullu are apt to get close to mother nature. Kullu and Manali are two hill stations in the state of Himachal Pradesh positioned in the snow-capped ranges of the Himalayas. Both these sightseer places top the list of most popular tourist destinations in India. 

Kullu is famous for valleys, picturesque sites and temples while Manali is known for river, mountains and adventure activities.It is situated on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu Valley. Excursionists from different parts of the country come here for holidays, enjoying snowfall, mountaineering, trekking and skiing. This hill station is surrounded by huge snow and thick deodar forests, due to which its beauty is very attractive. This hill station is surrounded by huge snow and thick deodar forests, due to which its beauty is very attractive. 


Manali is named after the famous Hindu legislator Manu. Manali was before known as Manu Allaya meaning the abode of Manu. Manali is a collection of three conterminous hills, each containing a vill and an old temple. Old Manali has the Manu temple, Vashistha has the Vashishta temple, and Dhungri has the Hadimba temple. 

There are many European cafes in Manali. This is because European excursionists explored the area, wedded locals, and started their own cafes. The Hadimba tabernacle in Manali is made of huge deodar wood. Its glory is 400 years old.Many mythological texts like Ramayana, Mahabharata etc., give details of the antiquity of this valley, with reference to the Kullu Valley.

The Kullu Valley was earlier called Kulanthpeeth. Kulant Peeth literally means the end of the habitable world. Kullu is described in mythological texts as ‘Kulut Desh’.The deo culture of the valley is born out of an interesting mythology. It is believed that Jamlu, the mighty deity of Malana village, once passing through the Chandrakhani Pass, opened the basket of the deities there and strong winds carried the deities to their present location, making Kullu known as the Valley of the Gods. 

Best time to visit

Due to the pleasant climate and picturesque surroundings of Manali, it is considered an ideal destination for those wishing to experience mountaineering, trekking and skiing. Although you can visit Kullu Manali at any time of the year, not all tourist places here can be visited throughout the year, so you can plan accordingly.

December to March :

Snowfall starts in Kullu Manali after 15th December. During this, you can go skiing here, visit the Hadimba temple, snow-taking on Bhrigu Lake and Beas Kund etc. During this, the temperature suddenly drops down, making it quite cold to live in the valley. Landslides can also be expected during the monsoon season in Kullu.

April to June :

 Being a hill station, a large number of excursionists come here in these three months. Since in these months it is summer in other parts of India and there are also academy leaves. That’s why people come to visit Kullu Manali with their families during this time. Rohtang Darda opens in the second week of May which you can visit. Apart from this, one can see the magnificence of Solang Valley, go rafting in the Beas River, go paragliding and trekking on high routes like Hampta and Tibba Pass.

July to November :

The Kullu valley gets cloudy during the  monsoon season and the Beas river is at its peak. The entire vale sounded to be wrapped under black and white clouds floating in the sky. In these months due to heavy rain,  strong lightning occurs.However, also you can come in these months, If you want to see the verdure of Kullu Manali. Although excursionists come here less in these months, hence it’s considered as out- season in Manali.

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This hill station is a major sightseer destination of India. thus, installations are available to reach here especially from Delhi by train, bus or plane. Kullu is the best place to visit during the holidays. The beautiful area is a perfect blend of historical structures, scenic views and gorgeous man-made wonders. Due to the high mountains and hills, this place is a boon for adventure travellers. Kullu Manali is notorious for audacious sports like mountaineering, trekking and skiing. Known as Silver Valley, this place is not only famous for cultural and religious activities but also for adventure sports.

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