Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari Special Tour

Dubai tour specially desert safari UAE is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that should be on everyone’s bucket list! But the fun is even better when you go on a desert safari in your private car! Let us tell you about it! What is a Self Drive Desert Safari? The custom desert safari car was designed for your comfort! For people who have their vehicles, it is more convenient than ever! Drive yourself to the desert parking lot! Driver to come to pick you up and pay extra for the pick up from your door!

This way is more reasonable because the money you save here can only be used for activities at Desert Safari Dubai! Cool right? Once you arrive at the Desert Safari car park, you will be met by a driver who will take you to the leading Dubai Desert Safari!

We Look At What We Will Be Doing When We Get To Desert Safari Dubai? 

Dune bashing is one of the activities people look forward to the most! Driving across the dunes in 4×4 vehicles sounds like a lot of fun! – ATVs / ATVs can be listed as an exciting endeavor at Desert Safari Dubai! Quad bikes are straightforward to balance, and the protective clothing available will make it much easier to ride quad bikes without worrying about hurting yourself! – Sandboarding is a must-try, especially when you are on a desert safari!

Sand Boarding:

When sandboarding, all you need is a little balance, and you know that thanks to the piles of sand, you’ll always have a soft landing! – Riding a camel is a fascinating experience for most people! It’s even better if it’s your first time; there’s no experience like riding into the sunset or sunrise on a camel! – Sunset/sunrise photography is another reason to take a trip to Desert Safari Dubai! Take camera photos of yourself in the desert at sunset.

Desert Safari:

We’re not done with the list of activities on the Desert Safari Dubai Deals! Let’s look at other activities that will help you relax! Fun Activities at Desert Safari Dubai – The fire show at Desert Safari Dubai will blow your mind! With performers playing with fire sticks and blowing fire from their mouths, you’ll be left gasping with your jaw on the floor! – The Tanura show is popular with the audience and with us! Artists with skirts dancing to Arabic music will lift your spirits! –

Desert Safari Belly Dance:

Your desert safari in Dubai is incomplete without belly dancing! Belly dancing dancers are sure to cheer you up and recharge you after all the previous activities! – Another way to shine is to take pictures in Arabic clothes! Try on Arab costumes and pose for the camera! – Who said henna is only for occasions? Make henna for yourself and your kids with the henna tents at Desert Safari Dubai! – Thanks to the stickman show at the Dubai Desert Safari, even your children will not be bored! Everyone who visits Desert Safari Dubai will leave feeling entertained! –

Desert Safari Photo Shoot:

 The photo opportunities don’t end here! For an extra charge, you can always be hunted by an Arabian Eagle for just AED 10! Add another adventure to your calendar! The activities are now largely covered, so let’s move on to the most anticipated part of the trip, the holiday we’ve all been patiently waiting for! What are we going to eat after such an energetic activity!? Snacks / Drinks and food at Desert Safari Dubai –

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Desert Safari Activities:

All these activities can leave you dehydrated, but with unlimited soft drinks and cold water, don’t worry, you won’t feel dehydrated! – With the BBQ buffet served at Desert Safari Dubai, book your trip now! Options ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian are available for your convenience! You won’t forget this feast once you try it! – Is it possible to visit Dubai Desert Safari and leave without Arabic tea?

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