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Moebius and the Tokyo Revengers Arcs

In the anime version, Moebius was also present during the Moebius arc. He was two generations behind Toman. His territory was in Shinjuku. He first appeared in Manga Chapter 14 and episode 6 of the anime version. It was the leader of Moebius during the Moebius arc.

The Moebius Gang is one of the earliest gangs introduced in the Tokyo Revengers series. Early viewers had no idea of the gang. But it is later revealed that Takemichi gained the respect of the Tokyo Manji Gang and protected them in an underground match. The gang, however, is a threat to him and his friends, so he journeys back to the Past in search of its rival gang, Moebius.

The Moebius arc also pushed back the ending of the manga’s first part, with some fans arguing that it was a misstep. Others argued that the manga should have ended with the Tenjiku arc. Some argue that Takemichi’s decision to abandon his near-perfect future in order to save his family was a smart decision, but others feel that the arc’s ending was a bad one.

The Tokyo Revengers’ first arc has wrapped up, and the next arc, “Bloody Halloween,” will begin airing in July. The fight against Moebius will take a dark turn with the introduction of a new threat.

The story begins when Takemichi was pushed over by a crowd. He believed he was about to die, but instead opened his eyes and found himself in the past 12 years ago. As a result of this, he realizes that he must change himself in order to save his girlfriend, Hina.

The Moebius arc Tokyo revengers are the most serious and tragic of the three. It demonstrates the true severity of gang wars. Even middle school students can take lives. In addition, it also reminds readers that death is irreversible after a point. Even time-travel isn’t able to undo it.

During the first episode, Takemichi called his friend (Name) frantically. The two were arguing about what had happened in the future. He also stumbled over what had happened to Hinata. As a result, Takemichi yelled at her and hung up the phone.

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