Metzenbaum dissecting scissors

All You Need To Know About Metzenbaum Scissors

Scissors are the most common surgical instrument. They come under the category of cutting and dissecting medical tools. There are various types of scissors instruments according to their structures and uses. Among surgical scissors, Metzenbaum scissors are identified for their use in blunt tissue dissections. These instruments with a long shank-to-blade ratio are ideal for delicate tissue cutting.

Moreover, they are unique for having blunt tips that prevent complications or accidental injury during the procedures. Therefore, these versatile scissors instruments are best suited for all surgeries requiring fine tissue dissections. 

In addition, Metzenbaum dissecting scissors come in several variations to accommodate surgeons in different surgeries. In this blog article, we will have a detailed overview of these special types of scissors. 

Metzenbaum dissecting scissors

History Of Metzenbaum Surgical Scissors

In the 20th century, Myron Firth Metzenbaum (April 1st, 1876–January 25th, 1944), an American specialist in reconstructive and oral surgery, designed the Metzenbaum dissecting scissors. So the name of the instrument comes from its designer. The other names for these scissors include Metz and Metzenbaum–Lahey forceps. 

Uses Of Metzenbaum Scissors

Metzenbaum scissors are also known as “careful surgical scissors.” The reason for calling them “careful scissors” is that they assist in fine tissue dissection. However, surgeons can use these surgical scissoring instruments in various procedures, such as

  • Spinal surgeries
  • Neurosurgical procedures
  • Orthopedics
  • Ophthalmic procedures and
  • Many others.

The only condition for using Metzenbaum scissors in these procedures is that there is a need for delicate tissue dissection. 

Structural Features Of Metz

Metzenbaum dissecting scissors are known and identified for their delicacy and unique structural features. They have

  • Straight or curved short blades
  • Blunt tips that help prevent trauma
  • Straight long shanks, usually spherical
  • Finger ring handle for enhanced control and easy opening/closing

These are common structural characteristics of standard Metz. 

Metzenbaum Scissors, Surgeons can use these surgical scissoring instruments in various procedures.

Types and Variations Of Metzenbaum Scissors

Types of these scissors instruments depend on the craft of blades and the material used for the working end, while the variations come in its size. So, there is a large variety of these scissors. But first, let’s discuss the important types of Metz.

Straight Design Metzenbaum Surgery Scissors

The straight Metzenbaum dissecting scissors feature straight blades with blunt tips. They are ideal for cutting delicate tissues on the wound surface. Moreover, they come in multiple size variations to meet the needs of medical professionals. The straight design of these scissors is also available with tungsten carbide inserts. 

Curved Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors

This type of Metz comes with blades featuring slightly curved tips. However, the tip is blunt in structure. Surgeons prefer curved design scissors for tissue manipulation in deeper surgical sites. Moreover, instruments with curved tips help access difficult-to-reach areas. 

For surgeons’ convenience, there are several size variations for curved design Metzenbaum surgical scissors. 

Metzenbaum SuperCut Scissors

Metzenbaum SuperCut Scissors are designed for deeper tissue dissection. They are ideal for use in neurosurgical procedures. Structure-wise, these scissors feature one serrated and another sharp blade. The blade with serrations helps surgeons hold the tissue while the sharp edge cuts it smoothly. 

Additionally, these scissors prevent trauma and make the procedure quicker and more effective. They come in straight as well as curved designs, with multiple size variations to accommodate surgeons. Furthermore, the black coating on the handle rings of the scissors makes them easily identifiable. Overall, these Metzenbaum SuperCut Scissors provide several edges over standard variations. 

Metzenbaum Super Sharp Scissors With Tungsten Carbide

Metzenbaum Super Sharp Scissors feature both blades with sharp edges. Surgeons can get these scissors in straight as well as curved designs. As a result, they are ideal for cutting soft tissues in almost all kinds of surgical procedures. 

Moreover, the tungsten carbide inserts in the working end of the scissors make them more precise and durable. So, these scissors instruments can last for years with a little upkeep. Additionally, the one black and other gold finger ring of the tool help distinguish it from the rest of the variations. 

Metzenbaum Scissors Versus Mayo Scissors

However, both are dissecting instruments; Metzenbaum and Mayo scissors have some differences in structures as well as functions. If we talk about the structure, Metzenbaum scissors are longer in size as they have a long shank-to-blade ratio, contrasting with Mayo Scissors. 

Furthermore, most of the time, Metz is feasible for delicate tissue dissection, while Mayo scissors help surgeons cut soft as well as hard tissues, fascia, and even sutures. However, both types of instruments have blunt tips with a number of sizes and design variations. 

Metzenbaum surgical scissors have premium-quality materials

Caution While Using Metz

Metzenbaum surgical scissors is only feasible for blunt and delicate tissue dissection. So, avoid using them for suture cutting; otherwise, the tips and edges of the instrument will be scratched, resulting in permanent damage to it.

To Conclude 

Every surgeon needs Metzenbaum dissecting scissors. They are also frequently used in surgical procedures. Therefore, medical facilities and practitioners should buy them from reliable sources such as GerMedUSA

They are manufacturing and supplying top-rated surgical instruments for the last three decades. All the instruments have premium-quality materials and state-of-art-manufacturing. Moreover, each instrument has several variations to fulfill the requirements of the practitioners.


What are the other names of Metzenbaum scissors?

Metzenbaum scissors are also known as Metz and Metzenbaum–Lahey forceps.

Are Metzenbaum Scissors feasible for cutting hard tissues?

No, these scissors instruments are specific for delicate tissue dissection. However, Mayo dissecting scissors are the best suitable option for hard tissue dissection. 

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