The Best Gin Gift Packs For 2022

cocktail gift set

A gin bottle can never go wrong for a birthday or Christmas gift inspiration for a friend or lover. You will always find the perfect gift in between luxury and tasting sets. While these gift sets range in price, there is always something for everyone to fit any budget. For discerning drinkers, gin is the perfect gift as it has complex botanical flavours to enjoy. But, you don’t have to do the hard work. Here are some options of the best gin featuring presents you can give someone. 

Why Gin Gift Set Stands Out

Everyone loves gifts, and gin gifts stand out. They are more of an unexpected gift. Whether it’s a tonic or botanical gin set, you can never go wrong with one. While you can go to a liquor shop, buy a bottle of gin, tie a bow on it and present it as a gift, make a difference by going the extra mile. You can always look for something different and unique; check out this list!

Passion fruit Collins At Home Cocktail Kit

This fits as a perfect gin gift and a perfect cocktail gift set. It offers you the best chance to make your perfect passion fruit Collins at home, enough for four serves. The kit comes packed with the following:

23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin, 200ml

○ Bickford & Sons Soda Water, 250ml, 2 packs

○ VOK Passionfruit Liqueur, 500ml

○ Tinned passionfruit pulp

○ Juice squeezed lemon and 

○ A recipe card

This gift set offers the best flavour of a gin cocktail made from home, and the best part is that it comes with instructions or recipes on how to make it. You can find this gift set at Sippify at the most affordable price.

Just For You Gift Box

If you want to impress that special person in your life, this is the perfect gin gift box. It comes in a beautiful black gift box with a decorative band. Inside the box, you will find:

○ 23rd Street Distillery red Citrus Gin, 200ml

○ Charlotte piper chocolate

○ Little Birdie soy candle and

○ Scrubba coconut & Hibiscus Salt Body Scrub

Apart from the drink, this gift set offers more body care and a beautiful way to keep your space smelling good to put you in the mood for the drink.

Silent Pool Gin Gift Pack

If there were a prize for the aesthetics, then this gin gift pack would take the lead for its pair of beautiful matching glasses and a matching bottle. The pack features a sizable bottle of Silent Pool gin and a pair of branded matching glasses. According to reviewers, who have enjoyed this drink, it’s a top-quality gift set with an intriguing taste and aroma.

Tarquins Cornish Gin Miniatures Gift Pack

These are cute mini bottles sealed with wax but look the same as full-sized frosted bottles. The pack contains summery strawberry, lime, tart blackberry, rhubarb and raspberry, and they all offer a taste of a homemade crumble. They are all 50ml each with an amazing taste and are the best gift for a gin lover.

Te Tonic Gin And Tonic Botanicals

The best thing about gin is that it comes in varying flavours, and whatever you choose to add to your gin drink can help spice up the taste and make it taste much more magical. With the increasing popularity of gin infusions, the Te Tonic Gin And Tonic gift set is the perfect choice for gin connoisseurs, and it’s also the perfect gin cocktail gift set for homemade cocktails. You must place the tonic botanicals inside a cup, crush them, and then pour in the gin. Leave to sit and infuse for a few minutes and enjoy. The botanicals come in six different flavours;

○ Rose jasmine

○ Orange energy

○ Green flavour

○ Yellow citric

○ Red Passion,

○ White essential

It makes the perfect gift set for any occasion and can suit both men and women. Moreover, the detailing and quality are also impeccable.

DIY Gin-Making infusion Kit

Do you have friends new to gin? Then this is the perfect gift set for them. The DIY Gin-Making infusion kit can make up to three bottles of small-batch craft gin. It’s perfect for beginners as it only takes one evening to make one bottle and then two days to be ready. In the gift kit, you will find cocktail recipes plus 12 botanicals.

The Luxury Gin Hamper

Speaking of beauty and aesthetics, this gin hamper fits it all. In the collection, you will find the following;

 ○ Botanical dry gin infused with grapefruit, coriander, juniper and sweet orange peel. You can pair this drink with tonic water, chocolate, or cream fudge.

 ○ Dark chocolate 

 ○ Popcorns 

 ○ It comes in a beautiful bamboo reusable tray. This gift is perfect for gin lovers and comes with the perfect presentation.

For anyone who enjoys gin, a gift set is the perfect thought, especially with gin’s increasing popularity and consumption. Regardless of where the person you intend to gift is, you can always ship any of these gift packs and many others without worry.

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