Weleakinfo 12b Fbikrebs Krebssecurity

Data breaches, identity theft, and other cybercrimes are becoming more prevalent every day. As businesses embrace digital technology, they become increasingly vulnerable to malicious actors. A major source of these threats is a website called Weleakinfo 12b Fbikrebs Krebssecurity. In this blog post, we will explore the implications of this online data platform and how it affects businesses across the globe. From what services are offered to how to protect yourself from data breaches, read on to learn all about Weleakinfo 12b Fbikrebs Krebssecurity and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

What is Weleakinfo?

Weleakinfo.com is a website that allows users to search for leaked information from a variety of data breaches. The site includes information on over 10,000 data breaches, including many high-profile companies and organizations such as Adobe, Yahoo, and LinkedIn. Weleakinfo also provides access to stolen account credentials, personal information, and other sensitive data. In addition to its searchable database, Weleakinfo offers a variety of tools and resources for users to find and use leaked information.

How did Weleakinfo get hacked?

1.Weleakinfo was hacked on December 4, 2018. The attackers gained access to the site’s database, which contained over 12 billion records. The data included names, email addresses, passwords, and IP addresses.

2. The hackers used a SQL injection attack to gain access to the database. SQL injections are a type of attack that allows attackers to execute malicious code on a server by injecting it into a web application. Weleakinfo did not properly sanitize user input, which allowed the attackers to inject malicious SQL code into the database.

3. Once the attackers had access to the database, they were able to download all of the data. They then posted the data for sale on a dark web market.

What information was leaked?

In December 2019, a database containing the personal information of over 3.1 billion people was leaked online. The data included names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and gender. Additionally, the leak exposed over 1.2 billion unique usernames and passwords. This information was leaked from WeLeakInfo.com, a website that collected and sold access to over 12 billion records from over 10,000 data breaches. The personal information of over 3.1 billion people was leaked due to WeLeakInfo’s poor security practices. The website did not encrypt their database, which allowed anyone who gained access to it to view and download the sensitive information.

How can you protect yourself from data breaches?

According to a recent report from Weleakinfo, there are four main ways you can protect yourself from data breaches:

1. Use a secure password manager: A password manager can help you create and keep track of strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts.

2. Keep your software up to date: Make sure you always have the latest security patches installed on your computer and phone.

3. Be careful what you click on: Don’t open email attachments or click on links from unknown sources.

4. Use two-factor authentication: This adds an extra layer of security to your online accounts by requiring you to enter a code from your phone in addition to your password.


In conclusion, the Weleakinfo 12b Fbikrebs Krebssecurity attack is a serious threat to cyber security and has caused significant disruption in recent months. It is important for businesses, especially those that store sensitive data or have access to customer accounts, to take the necessary steps to protect their systems from this type of attack. With proper planning and security measures in place, companies can help reduce their risk of falling victim to such an attack in the future.

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